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True Standard Motorcycle Wheel


Replace up to 5 Spokes and True Wheel (includes spokes) e-mail
Replace Rim plus Nipples that are bad e-mail
Replace Hub or Spokes plus Rim and Nipples that are bad e-mail
Steel Rim Motorcycle: Remove Dent & True e-mail
Alloy Rim Motorcycle: Remove Dent & True e-mail


Excel Rims available in all sizes e-mail




Now you can picture what an motorcycle wheel looks like with 8 gauge spokes and an Excel rim!  All parts come from our own stock and we are a distributor of Excel rims.

Plan on keeping these wheels for a long, long time.  You'll probably replace a couple of motorcycles first.

Car or Motorcycle Mag or Alloy type Wheels - Discs - Hubs:

Remove Dents and Wobbles, Weld Cracks e-mail
Grinding thick discs, Straighten thin discs e-mail
Wheel bearings e-mail
Aluminum rims welded e-mail
Weld broken hub flanges re-drill & machine to finish e-mail
Repair bearing socket by installing steel bushing in hub and machining to accept new bearing. e-mail


Over the years, Morrie has gained experience and developed his own techniques for repairing wheels

Wheels can enhance the look of your car

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